Saturday, April 26, 2014

I am a ESL writer

   I have learned how to write since I learned about literacy. I enjoy writing, not only because writing is a good way to communicate with others but also because writing helps me understand myself. My writing career stage could be divided roughly into four stages. First stage, I enjoyed writing any composition to tell readers (teachers and classmates) about my daily life during my junior and high school life in Taiwan. Second Stage, I enjoyed writing reports or presentation’s contents to explain my opinion more deeply during university. Third stage, I enjoyed business writing and did reports after I started my job career in Taiwan. I always thought that I was a good writer until 10 months ago. Now I am in my fourth stage.

  Ten months ago, I immigrated to Canada, then I found writing in English is really difficult for me even though I had learned how to write a short paragraph when I was in high school. At that time, all English I learned just for meeting university entrance requirement. After I passed that exam, I never wrote anything in English. Now in order to improve my English for communicating with people, I decided to go back to school to learn English writing. I am taking English writing and grammar courses in Canada to pick up some grammars which I learned before, to learn some academic wring skills like pre-writing, drafting, editing and revising.  At the same time I also learned writing improvement must come with improving my reading skills. In my school, I also learned some basic reading skills like reading topic sentences, scanning etc. Through learning these skills from school, I rebuilt up my confidence in writing, and I am eager to learn more. Then I found this course on coursera. I am excited to learn more about academic writing and expect myself to be a good English writer too.


  1. You're well on your way~Good job!

  2. Well done. You are improving by leaps and bounds :)