Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Do you agree or disagree Canadian are law-abiding and they have an orderly society?

Canada is a well-developed country and has a very established law system, and most people around the world think Canada is an orderly society and Canadian obey their law decidedly. In my point of view, I mainly agree that Canadian are disciplined, they obey any law of Canada, for example they follow transportation requlations and when they go to the counter of groceries store or coffee shop, they spontaneously line up. However portion of them are not. For example I still can see some drivers and pedestrians don’t follow Alberta transportation requlations, and some teenagers steel liquor and wine from liquor store. The reason might depend on which city or community they live, their family structure, their education background. 


  1. Hi Zoe,

    I would put a period after "established law system" then start a new sentence "Most people around the world....." to avoid run-on sentences. When we refer to a collective group of people, we usually use singular form but in this case, we need the plural form Canadians...
    I'm not sure what obeying their law "decidedly" actually means. Like absolutely??
    ...they obey any law of Canada then use a semi colon ";" for example, they follow......

  2. However, a portion (maybe just say some of them do not.) Steel is wrong spelling, should be steal. The last sentence may sound better if you say "some factors that may affect a person's obeying the law may be the city or community he is from, his family situation and educational background.

    What do you think? I didn't really explain why i made those changes..sorry I'm using my phone to type this. But if you re not clear, we can talk more on LD...

  3. Yay~I'm glad Evangeline is here too :)